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Usually I don’t plague my half-dozen loyal readers with more than one post in a single day, but I couldn’t resist pointing out this article:

“What’s wrong with this picture?” in The Daily Voice, “Black America’s Daily News Source.” The article is about Michelle Obama’s first official First Lady portrait, which features a portrait of Thomas Jefferson in the background. So I thought I knew what the answer to the title question was going to be. But NO. Never mind that whole ironic Jefferson portrait-in-the portrait thing. According to The Daily Voice, a storm of complaints has arisen over the style of Michelle Obama’s dress. Sleeveless is so inappropriate (apparently).

Although I’m sure somebody out there has commented on the Jefferson portrait…

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Now that George Washington has had his makeover, it’s Martha’s turn. Forensic anthropologists have done an age regression on Martha Washington based on a 1796 portrait, and the news media are all aflutter at the results.  (In fact they seem unable to report this story without using the words “hottie,” “babe,” or “fox.”  How nice.) The unlovely implication that Martha is somehow more interesting now that we have a visual of her as an attractive young woman is unavoidable; on the other hand, if I were Martha I would be most pleased that people bothered to figure out what I looked like in my younger years instead of  thinking of me as perpetually 65 years old and wearing the most unflattering headgear known to man.  Besides, everybody loves a good age regression and I’m no exception.

But wait, maybe this isn’t so hot off the press – I thought I saw this portrait on a book published 3 years ago!

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